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College Resources Every Student Should Utilize

College Student

Many colleges have a lot more to offer than just classes themselves. College campuses offer tons of services to help students, from resume help to career finding to counseling. Perhaps the best part is that colleges typically offer these services free of charge or at a very low cost to students! Not sure what resources you should be utilizing on your college campus? Here are six of them for you to take advantage of while you have the chance.

Academic Advisors

College advisors are professionals that are trained to help college students map out their college careers and to give insights and advice on how to help college students reach their goals. Chances are, you’ll be assigned an advisor when you first get into college, but it’s typically your responsibility to set and get to appointments with your advisor. Because of this, a lot of students tend to forget about their advisors or how helpful they can be.

Meeting with an academic advisor can help you learn how to get from Point A to Point B in your academic and career goals - you don’t have to do it alone! Not only can academic advisors help you with your schedule and your academic goals, but they can also help you learn how to get academic credit for volunteering, how to get more hands-on experience in your chosen field, how to find reputable internships, and they can guide you to the next appropriate person to help you with anything they’re unable to.

Career Services

Need some help crafting your resume? Want to participate in a mock interview to make sure you can nail a real one? Wondering where to find internships and jobs, but not sure where to start? Wanting to know if there’s a company you could work for that offers tuition reimbursement? That’s where career services comes in. Almost every college has a branch to help students with their careers, and a lot of them offer both in-person and online career services. College career services are an extremely important resource for college students, with a wide range of help to offer.

Fitness and Recreation Centers

We all know how important it is to stay healthy, and colleges offer great recreation services for their students to do just that. Many fitness and recreation centers will offer top of the line cardio and strength training equipment, as well as group classes and activities. Some centers also offer pools, indoor tracks, basketball gyms and other gyms. Students are usually able to access these centers for free or at a very low cost. Another bonus? Staying active is a great stress reliever - which a lot of college students could always use.

Health Centers

College health centers are another great resource for college students. Most college health centers offer free or low cost wellness services for students, which can include physical services like exams and STD testing, or mental services like counseling and crisis hotlines. Colleges often make it easy for their students to have access to healthcare - stay healthy and visit your college’s health center!

Library Resources

Library resources are some of the most underrated resources colleges offer. College libraries aren’t solely for checking out books or having a place to study - they offer a ton of other awesome services as well! Most college libraries offer computers and printers for student use, assistance with projects, IT assistance, and some even offer classes and group sessions. Most libraries now offer online services too, like online research databases and assistance. Sure, having a quiet place to study and being able to check out books is great for college students - but don’t forget all the other services libraries offer!

Professors and Other Students

Did you realize that your professors and other students are great resources for college students? If you didn’t, now you know! Professors typically always have office hours where they are available to give extra help or advice to students, which can help students stay successful in their classes. Also, creating good relationships with professors is a huge asset; professors can also help offer advice about your academic goals and career goals, as well as potentially write letters of recommendation for students for things like internships, scholarships, and other academic programs.

Similarly, other students are a huge resource for college students. Other students can offer advice and help in classes and can make up study groups. They can also offer social relationships and friendships, in addition to a lot of other things. Don’t be intimidated by other people at college - branch out and open up a world of new possibilities!

Use the Resources Available to You!

Most, if not all colleges have a lot of important resources to help their students be the best they can be. You should be taking advantage of them! Remember these six college resources to utilize:

  1. Academic advisors
  2. Career services
  3. Fitness and recreation centers
  4. Health centers
  5. Library resources
  6. Professors and other students

Luckily for most students, there are plenty of ways to be successful in college and make it easier every step of the way.